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bringing krillin's solar flare to real lyfe


The sun ripped in two momentarily.

A massive solar flare/wind/something is coming to Earth now, and will be here within the next few days.


“The sun is waking up from a deep slumber, and in the next few years we expect to see much higher levels of solar activity. At the same time, our technological society has developed an unprecedented sensitivity to solar storms. The intersection of these two issues is what we’re getting together to discuss.”

tiger woods is a sex addict.


I live.

Just in case you were wonderin.

I saw a poster for a golf pros and tiger wood hos party today.

the end.



 these make me laugh so much. GODZILLA. i try to imagine it with different voices, pee wee herman, morgan freeman, jeff goldblum, whoopi goldberggg….



 these make me laugh so much. GODZILLA. i try to imagine it with different voices, pee wee herman, morgan freeman, jeff goldblum, whoopi goldberggg….

Bloody Three Point Turns

Interesting Read. I like the style of the interviewer, kept it light. I think people respond better, they don’t put up a show when they feel uncomfortable. Dese guieys are crazie. gotta love em.

yo crackkk killlz

Quick thought

I think if there is a hell then the devil is probably scott stapp, and it probably smells like a gym locker room, on a friday. gross. I think that Hell probably isnt facist, its probably a monarchy straight out of early modern Europe, ya know the kind with the divine right of kings. Past rulers have included Oprah, Mick Jagger, and the Hamburgler.

Heaven on the other hand is probably run by a triumvirate including the likes of Harmony Korine, Conan O’Brien and George Michael Bluth.

god that scares me. ^

me and my cousin and you and your cousin

Leni: i wrote this awesome song today
its called "come as you are"
oh wait....
Carlos: haha
does it smell like teen spirit?
Leni: i smell like teen spirit
and im 21!
Carlos: awsum im zso jealous
Leni: i bet
Carlos: dood i cant wait foar sprng brak
Leni: me 2 bro
it vill bee awsum
Carlos: ive learned pretty much a lot of am songs on geetare
Leni: cooool
Carlos: es eszay
Leni: i learned the lyrics backwards
so i can sing in the opposite direction you play geetar
Carlos: i learnned them while i was doing handstands
Leni: i know the lyrics in spanish, mandarin and french
Carlos: i know what he thinks when he sings them in elvish
Leni: i know what he thinks when he sings them in elvis
Carlos: i know how to sign the lyrics while i play
Leni: i know how to sing the lyrics while you play and some kid named simon plays drums and a girl named kourtney holds maracas
Carlos: i can think about caddywhompus while deitrich plays da gong and hoola hoops
I saw a film today, oh boy…
the beatles

Relax, don’t do it.

wow. I just saw evil DJ’s doppelganger of Zoolander fame. I guess it couldve been him. I’ll just assume it was him.

Do shorter days mean older people?

Its funny that I criticize Yahoo for publishing irrelevant stories on their website when in fact I do the very same here…

I also get the majority of my news from them.

e.g. Yahoo just published a story about how the Chile Earthquake, which measured as the seventh largest of all recorded quakes (8.8), may have shifted the Earth rotational axis enough to shorten our days by roughly 2 milliseconds. Of course I read this after I saw Yahoo’s overly dramatic teaser, “Chile Earthquake May Have Shortened Days on Earth” that made me extremely paranoid. I wonder why the detail couldn’t have been in the title. Does it have to do with advertising? Does Yahoo need people to click the story? idk. food for thought, unless anyone else knows. By the end of the article I realized it had digressed into a lecture about how the earths days are constantly changing. It made me wonder why it seemed like such a big deal in the first place, and why Yahoo would blatantly worry people for no apparent reason. Actually it makes sense, scarring people into “buying” your product. Maybe I should just openly criticize them. hmm. maybe another day.

Chemistry Class Sparklers

Like I’ve said earlier, Johnathan Safran Foer is my favorite writer. Some might call him a sell out for hefty advances for his works, but I tend to think beyond that in his case because of his imaginative storytelling. I found this short story after being prompted by his fan page on facebook to give it a read, and seeing as how prof. pohl isnt the greatest orator, i slipped into a foer coma. In the case of this essay, he managed to take something I didnt really take seriously at first and turn it into a piece that I got lost in, wanting to know more about how this event affected his life. Interesting. I highly recommend it if you have some extra time, its a good read.