the fog of ANALOG

me and my cousin and you and your cousin

Leni: i wrote this awesome song today
its called "come as you are"
oh wait....
Carlos: haha
does it smell like teen spirit?
Leni: i smell like teen spirit
and im 21!
Carlos: awsum im zso jealous
Leni: i bet
Carlos: dood i cant wait foar sprng brak
Leni: me 2 bro
it vill bee awsum
Carlos: ive learned pretty much a lot of am songs on geetare
Leni: cooool
Carlos: es eszay
Leni: i learned the lyrics backwards
so i can sing in the opposite direction you play geetar
Carlos: i learnned them while i was doing handstands
Leni: i know the lyrics in spanish, mandarin and french
Carlos: i know what he thinks when he sings them in elvish
Leni: i know what he thinks when he sings them in elvis
Carlos: i know how to sign the lyrics while i play
Leni: i know how to sing the lyrics while you play and some kid named simon plays drums and a girl named kourtney holds maracas
Carlos: i can think about caddywhompus while deitrich plays da gong and hoola hoops